A slightly longer update post

Okay, the previous post was a bit on the short side so here’s the longer version..

So after the summer hiatus we’ve picked up where we left off – bunch of bugs that needed fixing and still quite a bit of work to do before we can call it a beta. Alpha however I think we are getting quite close to. So these few weeks we’ve already fixed a few headache worthy bugs including pathfinding lag which was caused primarily due to the lookups being on the same thread as the server message loop causing no player to receive messages still one of the entities finished up their pathfinding. #oops1.

Another glaring bug we had was that with saving tiles in our editor, I sort of forgot to remove existing exits if the chunk was removed, causing the world generator to create tiles that overlapped. #oops2.

Souls was fiddling a bit with player height and dimensions and moved everything to a more static lookup. This however doesn’t work very well if the collision detection still uses the old static values.. aka nothing could collide with projectiles anymore.. except if you jumped.. #oops3.

Souls implemented a new color pallet system so we can make nicer models and tiles and not go full bland on walls. No screenshot of this yet, #soon.

Also looked into SteamWorks.net again, implemented it before the hiatus and it does show as SpaceWar (default steam thing) but, for the love of fruitcake I cannot make the client start and connect to a server. Not a lot of tutorials on the matter either so not sure if we are going to implement it fully or just leave it as is, afaik ingame server browser does work but haven’t tested it lately.

So those got fixed relatively quickly and we are now back on track with developing new features.. because we actually have to do finish up a bunch before we will release it for testing, however this is the full list of todo’s and thoughts

  1. Monsters need line of sight detection, now they will go creep factor 4000 and follow you from across the map getting really up close and personal.
  2. More particle effects (blood, etc.). *
  3. Tiles tiles and more dungeon tiles need to be made.
  4. ModelEditor needs finishing up so we can add lights, particles etc to models. This was initially made for the TileEditor but Souls didn’t want to put 10+ lights if one model could just have it instead.. (I agree).
  5. WeaponModifiers and Weapon definitions need to move to a data file instead of hardcoded classes. This also allows for additional modding later on and such.. yes.. I said the word modding.. although it’s not a priority for us and it’ll be ways after beta before we actually really start implementing modding support. Moving it to a file allows for more choices in weapons without being bogged down in class code for each weapon. – In regards to weapon modifiers, I’m thinking diablo style weapon mods so that loot will be dynamic.
  6. Persistant states .. At the moment player info isn’t stored and well with inventory it should.
  7. Hub world/Overworld – Not sure if this will make it into the beta but it’s something we’ve been thinking off so you can revisit dungeons and store loot somewhere.
  8. Better enemy curve/ratios – At the moment when you level, every mob will scale as well, this also will work in multiplayer by taking average level of the players, aka if you are lvl 50 and you have a lvl 25, average level will be ~37, Higher level players will get less XP, whilst your levelboosty friend will get a lot more. However we would like to limit boosting a bit so we might limit that, plus we want a radius around the player level so that not every mob is the same level but you can have lower and higher and elites etc.
  9. Bosses.. not sure what to design yet but bosses will be implemented.
  10. Map exits.. we still need to implement map exits, there will be an use button involved and a “Gather your party before venturing on” if other players are not nearby.
  11. Okay.. I lied.. there is more but this is plenty for now 🙂

* Blood effect was implemented today but it needs a lot of tweaking to look proper, at the moment it looks off but hey.. it’s there!

See.. looks off 😛

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