It’s may 2017 – our last post was on march 6th 2016. We’ve been.. quiet … Very quiet even. So what happened?

Quite simply, we ran into snag upon snag and went on a hiatus to reevaluate what the heck we were building. I once read a good blog about Create a game, not an engine. And that’s exactly what we were doing – we were creating an engine without any game idea really being on the forefront of the development process.

So it was back to the drawing board to reevaluate what we were making. One of the bigger snags that we had was that the whole project was written with SharpDX Toolkit as the backend. This was tricky because SharpDX dropped the toolkit support. No more updates or fixes. Both me and souls weren’t really happy on having to move to another rendering backend – however 6 months later we decided to scrap the current project and write the new Nimby from scratch.

This time with:

  • A game idea.
  • Monogame backend instead of SharpDX (Yes yes, monogame uses SharpDX as well for windows.. #weknow)
  • A proper project structure setup beforehand.

And we’ve been busy…

We’re basically setting milestones now that we are to reach in short sprints:

  • M1: Be able to stand in a room with another player which can move/jump/has generic physics/collisions
  • M2: Dungeon stitching
  • M3: AI
  • M4: Rendering (Shadows/Light)

M1&M2 are done. M3 and M4 is in the works.

More info and screenshots soon 🙂

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