July update

So we are now halfway through July; Souls has been doing some great work with the pathfinding and working diligently to get it to work with multiple tiles and also in the meantime implemented transparent (colored) blocks. This will allow for some nice glass windows over the place once we really start mapping out the types of dungeons we are going to create.

I’ve been slacking a bit. Did some minor minor work on the AI but I’m waiting on the pathfinding to work for some of it to make any sense (i.e. target tracking, agro radius, etc.). Some theorycrafting on how to implement end tile dungeon arrangements and how to implement more specific ‘boss’ levels. Also on my mind is how to implement a type of overworld (although that’s for later).

Today’s menu item is a slight cleanup of some code here and there that got a bit stale over the months and needs some finetuning (mostly network related). Also on the ToDo is to make a new video of how it currently looks 🙂


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