Let there be sound… and a design for pathfinding

Looking back over the last couple of days we’ve done some minor things that well.. are still quite important to do. Souls is busy with starting the design for the pathfinding. We tried using a couple of libraries (Navigation meshing, 3d pathfinding via Jump point search (A*)) and they all have their own little quirks to deal with that we don’t want to deal with basically.

What snags did we run into then?

SharpNav – Dynamically generating the tiles and trying to attach them together using the linking system proved to be useless and mismatched the geometry of the tiles (it’s fun to render the visible triangles tho).

EPPathFinding.cs 3D variant.. – Slow, saw the code.. wasn’t too happy about that either and it had trouble finding neighbouring nodes that were little 1 unit away.

So.. we build our own, well.. mostly souls is building it 😉

What am I doing?

I’ve started implemented sound effects across the number of entities we have – weapon fire, walking, pickups, etc. And implementing projectile hits for players so that enemy’s can shoot at the player and you loose health. Most of this is now in working order and just needs to be tweaked.

Weapon is now finally visible.. projectiles still shoot from the middle tho 😉

Particle effects have been somewhat rewritten so that any other entity can subscribe to having particles attached to their entity. Basically this allows projectiles to have a trail following them and soon I hope to have exploding death animations for monsters (well depending on weapon.. otherwise they just fall apart).

Besides all that mostly cleanup of code, optimizing some loops here and there to drop the milliseconds required to do certain things. (Souls been doing that too for our collision detection)

Also multiplayer testing has been done a bit more to check if everyone still works as it should (first test.. it didn’t., so that got fixed). Loading status bar was implemented soon after as the previous pathfinding was taking a good 20 secs to load, got that down to 5 seconds flat but well… as you read above it didn’t do much good.

That’s it for now but here are some screenshots 😉

Loading screen with the progressbar visible

Fire particle effect on the arrows (those will eventually be removed from basic arrows, fire arrows, gas arrows etc will get them)

The fireball trail (I moved a bit to the left so the trail is more apparent)


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