Shadowing, Instancing, oh my ;)

So there’s a few things to show!

First of all, we have a new video up to showcase the shadowing (and later in the movie instancing of models). Both were almost completely done by Silent 😉

I didn’t edit the movie at all, just a plain raw recording of the engine.


Another thing we’re working on a lot at the moment is the UI. I know I lied a bit about that since I actually said I was working a lot on the AI engine and I sorta took a step back from that due to missing some required things (like our event system to handle movement for entities besides clients).

So I’m currently busy with UI stuff. Making most of the ingame UI controls at the moment in combination with Squid. The bottom is what our character status bar will look like. Portrait will be generated from the 3d model that the player has chosen, the health bars will nicely fit behind/side of it. Extra icons that we might implement will show just underneath.



All in all, lots of work done, lots of work still to do 🙂



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