Shadows, Pathfinding and Mapping

In all honesty not -that- much happened lately besides fixing some shadow bugs that caused everything to be rendered again and again and again and dropping FPS to the mid 50’s. #oops. Also souls has been busy with creating our own pathfinding that can access and read along our own block structure, which is a lot faster than trying to use any A* pathfinding component out there. So far this has been working out really well and with it we can also reuse it as an eligable places list (for pickups etc.).

Another thing that’s currently being worked on is the mapping. Our map is dynamically genered based on a long list of available tiles with certain exits. Previously we had some minor issues that the exits didn’t align and thus you could end up on the roof of the next tile instead of in it. This was mostly due to the fact that the tile wasn’t actually connected to that tile but to the opposite side tile that was lower. #anotherOops.

Our capping tiles in the testbed map. They are now pointy 😉

Just a screenshot from ‘downstairs’ in which it’s quite visible that we have height differential in the map, which makes for way more interesting maps later on 😉

So that’s all souls work, I’ve been busy with a few theoretical things including how to get multiple AI’s to work with our own written GOAP system, or better yet AAES. Action Assigned Entity System. Since each entity can have multiple actions assigned to it and base it’s judgment on that instead. It’s still basically goap in the way that there are goals, there is planning involved, it’s just slightly different than the normal modus operandi.

So mostly AI related work as of late, also due to having to wait a bit on the pathfinding system, also did some more graphics work and added some more models into the mix for later usage. Also preplanning on what kind of tiles we’re going to need and seeing if help is required with creating some of ‘m. Since everyone has their own style of placing blocks 😉

Other things done lately are some more fixes in regards to how things are stored, how things are transmitted (aka; finetuning the network packets).

So far I’m still content with how the project has been laid out, we got pretty much everything nicely set and we are definitely nearing the milestone of getting more gameplay elements implemented.

Anyways, for this week it’ll be some bugfixing and bughunting.

Primarily.. that one… We have a rather massive memory leak that happens when switching to a new map causing loads of memory to get trapped somewhere. Whilst task manager says 16.9GB memory in use, Visual studio was happy to say I had around 34GB commited.. So yeah, that needs to get fixed 🙂

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next update.


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