So that’s the character bar done!

Screenshot 2015-07-11 23.06.07

Our character statusbar control is done. Thanks to this little control we found a few nasty bugs and had to work around an async issue that was not to be evaded easily. Thanks to silent for rewriting the character head renderer. It looks sweet 🙂

Also implemented today is the IEntityDamagable interface which will allow us to see which entities can be damaged, how much health/mana/armor etc they have.

The whole character bar consists of only a ‘few’ controls 😉

private ImageControl charBase;   (The silver background)
private ImageControl charBarTop; (The red bar)
private ImageControl charBarBottom; (The blue bar)
private ImageControl charBarTopBase; (Grayish area underneath red with glow)
private ImageControl charBarBottomBase; (Grayish area underneath blue)
private ImageControl charBaseCircle; (Covering area and BG for character portrait)
private ImageControl charImage; (Our hacky portrait placeholder ;))
private ImageControl charNameLabelBg; (Our name label background)

private Label charNameLabel; (The name of the entity)
private Label charBarTopPercentage; (Percentage text)
private Label charBarBottomPercentage; (Percentage text)

And that’s all of ‘m. Photoshop + coding in squid can make some nice things in a really short time 🙂



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