So what’s there to show?

Right, here we go.. Some screenshots of the new version of Nimby 🙂

Since we’ve been silent for quite a while I’ll just start at the beginning and go through it one by one.


The main menu: With start / join game (multiplayer works)..


The loading screen – even with single player – the server component is active and everything is done via client – server communication.


Rendertargets… If you look really closely at RT#4 you can see flames of the torches. Those are not yet rendered in the final scene. Also visible on this screenshot are the minimap, chat and the player statistics (XP, health and mana).

Projectiles… arrows in this case. Collision is not yet fully setup properly so one arrow shoots through, the other sticks midair, it’s a todo 😉

More collision fun 😉

Exit node detection.. Once you enter the tile for now you end up in a new map.

Falling off the edge means you die.. and respawn.

Our model editor. Not yet fully implemented but we can make our models and create submodels for animations.


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