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So we’ve been busy with still fixing all the minor bugs that we come across, so far I think I fixed around 3 bugs so far – next to that we’re implementing all the required extra’s.


  • Fixing the sound layer so that 1) It doesn’t generate 800+ sound instances for all the entity sounds. The idea worked initially with torches.. not so much for moving entities if you are saving the lookup as Entity + Position.. now it’s just entity and type and that saves a good 750 spots on the sound cache.
  • Fixing 3D sound. Distance cutoff was a bit too extreme, fixed now, also fixed that sound volume is based on the sound effect master instead of each individual sound effect. However that might still need to be changed if we implement sound volume per type.
  • Sound cache leakage when leaving the game. It was very noticeable when starting the editor afterwards (fps drop). Needs to be fixed slightly more so that all main game components will unload the global caches and not just specific ones.
  • AI target detection was flawed, well.. still is, but less. But need to improve the AI quite a bit.


  • Started on the initial AddedEffects implementation for models. This allows models to have lights/sound/etc attached to the model itself. Making Soul very happy with placing lights and stuff 😉
  • Torch ambient sound effect test, worked reasonably well, once AddedEffects are implemented this will be removed since the torch itself can have a sound effect added.
  • Mobs.. Weapons and Projectiles are now JSON files instead of being hardcoded classes. This allows for easier extensions later on.


  • Moving all of the Tile editor things to the Model editor. We initially built it in a way that we had a tile editor for designing the tile itself and model for.. models, but all of this can basically be incorporated into one editor and saves switching around a lot. Just have to make sure that you cannot add a model to a model that already has a model of the first kind (recursion anyone?).
  • AI Line of sight checks are really required. At the moment mobs can detect the player from a mile away, also causing the pathfinder grief by trying to figure out a path towards the player. Which isn’t really a problem since it works relatively quick except when the AI slot is stuck.. then it lags out the server fast.
  • Animations for models still need to be implemented. So far only in-game objects within the tile are animated, but none of the entities that run around.
  • Implement ‘USE’ on objects.
  • Implement exit node.
  • Add more sounds to entities, especially monsters – they tend to creep up on players now, this in combination with the lack of line of sight makes for a nice silent horde effect which kills players quite quickly 😉
  • Weapon modifiers, so that each weapon can be slightly different from other pickups.
  • Inventory system / equip system so you can see what you picked up.

So we still got lots and lots to do and this doesn’t even include building the real game maps yet, since that’s set on the backburner till we get everything gameplay wise up & running.


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