It’s sunday, the longer than usual weekend is over and actually a lot got done. Souls got really busy with shadows and I’ve been busy with the gameplay mechanics.

Item pickups, Projectiles, HP/Mana/XP bars redone (well technically HP/Mana, XP was new), the -Y kill off range, Map change at the end node of a dungeon*1.

All these things use our Entity system in the background which gets communicated to all the clients. So all clients will see projectiles, pickups where they are supposed to be, and get notified if it gets picked up by a given client (mostly for either particle effects or sound effects).

Particle effects is also something that got implemented and finally works as it should (took a while), but for the moment is just rendered to its own rendertarget.

That’s it for now; more work to be done 😉

*1 The end node is still a bit of a tricky thing – for now we just check if the player has entered the node and that’s that – map change in 3 secs (As seen in the video), however this will change to something more akin to using an object (like the ladder) or something.. Usability objects haven’t been implemented yet. 


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