We’ve actually been busy coding these days… not much to see however, things still look somewhat the same as they did before. Silent is working on the shadowmap, I took the liberty to escape from AI development to first fix some other stuff that was lying about and needed desperate fixing.

So in the last couple of days we had a number of bugs that were getting annoying;

We were using an argumentbuffer for out instancing. This however works on newer cards but our little testing machine we misuse at work only supports up to Dx10 . End result: crash & burn. The fallback we use works well and in our own mistake we used the argument buffer because that was what we thought it was.. which it isn’t. It’s changed to a vertexBuffer now and works very well.

Another issue we ran into lately was when our client connects to it’s own local server and runs into a race condition in which it tries to connect before the server is ready. Normally not a problem if it’s local, however it was and it was as I found out today a problem with Lidgren itself in which with ConnectionApproval enabled it won’t allow you to Approve a connection and then straight away send a message after that. On localhost that will cause the message to be lost due to a disconnected state. We ‘fixed’ it by not using ConnectionApproval and allowing the client to enter connected state first before venturing on.

Aaand another issue was that we had some issues with how Squid interpreted our input. This was actually our mistake but sort of based upon the example code which send out the wrong signals causing a normal PageUP/PageDOWN to be not registered as those keys.

Also improved on our console view a bit by adding arrow up/down for history, tab for completion and even added some intellisense so people know what they can type when they start.

Also worked on trying to combine and make a few components more readable/usable. We currently had 3 classes for the client networking component and that bugged the hell out of me, so now it’s only 1 and fits into our GameComponent structure which gets automatically updated each cycle. #yay

And now for some screenies..

Screenshot 2015-06-17 23.34.02Our new console (SquidUI based). Now with tabs, intellisense and colors 😉

Screenshot 2015-06-17 23.35.33Rendertarget views.. Color/Normal/Light/Depth (correct this time)/forgot…/Barely working shadow map…

Next on the list is making the Console even more useful by added several extra functions to it that allow for dynamic control of objects inside the console.. and then.. After that.. probably entity spawning so I can get back to AI coding 😉

Thanks for reading



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